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Exercise Programs


Physio Strong Exercise Programs

Our Physio Strong exercise programs have been designed by our physiotherapy team to meet the varying needs of our patients and clients. From extended rehabilitation following an injury to just helping clients to move more and be healthy, we have a program that is right for everyone. For current patients, getting started in our programs is as easy as chatting to your physiotherapist about which program is right for you and when the best time to get started would be. For new clients, we will be able to help you choose the best program for your goals following your initial assessment.


About our Physio Strong Programs

Physio Strong Seniors

Previously known as our falls and balance class, this class is aimed to provide a safe and supportive environment for our seniors to exercise.This class incorporates balance, strength, cardiovascular and stability exercises done in a gentle circuit style format. This class is 60 minutes in duration which reduces time pressure on the stations and allows the intensity to be low.  But don’t be fooled, this class is not easy, but it is designed to be gentle.

Physio Strong Bones

New to Out of the Box Physiotherapy in 2022, Physio Strong Bones has been designed to specifically help those patients concerned about their bone density (osteopenia or osteoporosis) to get the resistance training and loading that they need in a safe and effective way.  Done in a circuit format, this class will use time based stations to provide exercise intensity across a range of movements designed to load the body in such a way to assist with bone health.  Movements to expect (in some form) will be deadlifts, leg press, squats, push ups.

Physio Strong Circuit Class

Running since 2018, our physio strong circuit class provides an opportunity for you to get some exercise safely under the guidance of one of our physiotherapy team. The format for this class is 10 exercise stations with the goal of giving the whole body a workout. Programs for this class are written every 5 weeks to provide variety. 

Physio Strong Individual

Personalised, bespoke and specific.  This program has been designed for those people that need higher level care or supervision or those that would prefer to exercise in a more private environment with a program that has been written exclusively for them.  Physio Strong Individual is a great option as an extension to post operative rehabilitation as a personalised and targeted program can be developed. The individual nature of programming on this program also means we can help with any range of conditions such as chronic lower back pain, lifestyle diseases such as diabetes and obesity. 

The Benefits

Physio Prescribed Exercise Program

Feel confident that you program has been written and prescribed by highly trained university qualified health professionals who have extensive knowledge in anatomy, physiology and biomechanics.

Safe, Fun and Effective

Being health professionals, we make sure that our physio strong programs are safe and consist of appropriate and effective exercises. We also like to have a good time and bit of fun along the way which can help if you are nervous about getting back into exercising.

Small group programs

Our group programs are limited to 5 people per session which allows us to keep a close eye on all. Be comforted knowing that your physio is always watching and is never far away.

Adaptable to injuries and ailments

Being physios, we are able to adapt exercises and movements to accommodate injuries or other issues. Because we understand your injuries and limitations, we are best placed to provide you with safe, effective and appropriate modifications. You will be surprised at the difference some good guidance in this area can make. Injuries do not always mean you have to stop exercising.

Conditions that Exercise Programs can address

High Blood Pressure
High Cholesterol
Muscle Weakness
Neck Pain
Back Pain
Postural Pain
Balance Problems
Chronic Pain
Bone Health

Our Physio Strong Team

Chris Purcell

With over 17 years working exclusively in private practice physiotherapy, Chris brings a wealth of experience to his role as leader of the clinical team at Out of the Box Physiotherapy. Chris holds level 1 and level 2 sports physiotherapy qualifications and has worked in a variety of sporting settings including Rugby League, Rugby Union, Hockey, Swimming, Volleyball and Gymnastics.

Prior to becoming a physiotherapist, Chris completed a Bachelor of Human Movement Studies (Exercise Physiology) which provides him with excellent exercise prescription skills and is a key reason why the clinic has its very own onsite gym.

Away from physiotherapy, Chris is currently completing his MBA through the QUT graduate school of business and is enjoying developing his leadership and management skills. During his career, Chris has been a clinical educator for students from both Griffith University and The University of Queensland and really enjoys helping his team become the best clinicians they can be.

Chris enjoys all aspects of private practice physiotherapy and has a particular interest in neck pain and headaches along with foot and ankle problems although at this stage of his career there is now not much that Chris hasn't seen.

Chris is also really passionate about helping people to exercise and establish safe and healthy routines and will work hard to find exercise solutions for all ages and abilities.

Douglas Wilson

A highly experienced physiotherapist with over 19 years of experience in musculoskeletal and sports physiotherapy and has worked with a number of sporting clubs and communities during this time. Doug graduated from the esteemed University of Queensland in 2004.

Doug has worked in private practice physiotherapy for the majority of his career and has worked with a number of sporting clubs and communities   Doug has a special interest in sacro -illiac joint mechanics and its impact on lower back pain and lower limb injuries. 

Doug uses as a combination of hands on techniques to help you with your pain as well as safe and appropriate exercise prescription.

Doug is also qualified in dry needling and has completed level 1 and level 2 sports physiotherapy qualifications

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have more questions?
What exercise programs do you offer?

We currently offer a range of different exercise programs so that the most appropriate option can be delivered.   We offer both group and individual programs plus we also incorporate 1 on 1 exercise therapy as part of our physiotherapy treatments when needed as well.

If you are wanting to exercise with us, the best option is to have an initial consultation and assessment with a member of our physiotherapy team so that we can help you to decide which exercise program will be most appropriate for you based on your goals and current level of function.

Who takes your exercise programs?

Our exercise programs are taken by our physiotherapists, meaning you are in safe hands with practitioners that know how to appropriately modify exercises and programs so that they are safe and effective for you.

Can private health insurance be claimed on exercise programs?

Generally yes, although typically for our programs you will need to claim back from your fund after you have attended all of your sessions.  We can provide you with the necessary paperwork so that you can lodge your claim.

Do I need to be fit or exercising already to participate in your programs?

No, not at all.  We will help you to get started and do our absolute best to ensure your experience is supportive and comfortable

I have a chronic injury, can still do the exercise programs?

It is likely that at least one of our exercise options will be appropriate for you but we would need to do an assessment of your condition and function.  We want to make sure that you are safe while in our clinic so a screening assessment with one of team will make sure that you are in the right program for where you are at, or what steps are needed to get there.

What are the fees for our exercise programs?

We offer a range of exercise programs with pricing varying.  We do offer a casual visit and "passes" for some of our programs.  For more information on the pricing of our exercise programs please call our reception team on 07 3822 8879 as we can provide you with all of the information that you need.

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