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Are you going Skiing this winter?

Winter is here and as always there will be a lot of families heading off to the Australian or New Zealand snow for their holiday. If this is you then read on for 3 really quick exercises that you need to start doing NOW in order to get your legs and body ready for long days on the ski slopes. 1. Plank

Strengthen abs, glutes and back muscles so that they do not become too sore from long days leaning forward. Work up to 4 sets of 30 second holds (or longer if you are going well) but remember on this exercise form is key. Your hips must stay in a straight line with your ankles and your shoulders as shown 2. Foam Roll Calves The calves can take a bit of hiding when in the ski fields. Walking up hill through snow can leave them feeling sore and tight. Work on them now to try and prevent this. This should also help you be a little more comfortable in your tight ski boots as well. 3. Wall Sits Prepare the legs for long down hill runs and build strength and endurance now.

If you are going skiing this winter and would like more information on what you need to be focusing on in preparation then we would love to help you. We can even set you your own conditioning program to get you ready but like all things, the sooner you get ready, the better.

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