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Top tips from a massage therapist to make sure you enjoy your session and get the most out of it.

Dress code

It is recommended that you get undressed down to your

underwear to get the greatest benefit from your massage. However, there

will always be a towel covering your body and the only time your body will be

exposed is when the area is being treated. If this makes you uncomfortable

there are other options such as bringing a pair of pants that are loose and

short. Ladies, if you’re not comfortable taking off your bra just wear one that

can easily be undone whilst your therapist is treating your back. As a

therapist we can also adjust the massage to ensure you are comfortable by

doing the massage through your clothes.


Communication between the therapist and client is the most

important process throughout the treatment. Without communication the

massage can lead to serious complications especially if you suffer from a medical

condition. Always communicate with your therapist about any concerns, such

as pressure, if you’re comfortable, medical history, what you are expecting

from the massage and what areas of your body you want treated.

Good pain or Bad pain?

No pain, no gain. Well, not necessarily. Your body

can only withstand a certain amount of pain before the muscles begin to

tense up which isn’t very pleasant or beneficial during and after your massage. If

you want to get the most benefit out of your treatment you need to be able

to tell the difference between good and bad pain. If you feel yourself tensing

up often or simply can’t relax then let your therapist know.


Water assists the lymphatic and circulation system with removing

waste from your body. When muscles are tight, it constricts the circulation in

the area which is when trigger points occur. Massage releases the substances

that causes trigger points in your muscles into the body. Which is why it is

recommended to increase your water intake post massage.

Post massage

After a deep tissue massage it is completely normal to feel

sore and/or bruised after your treatment. This is a result of what your therapist has

done during the treatment and should subside within 2-3 days. As a therapist

I normally recommend re-hydrating and going home to either put a

heat pack on or have a hot bath with Epsom salt to help the recovery process and

further relax your body.

How often

Every therapist is different so I would recommend having a chat

with your therapist as it depends on the severity of your body. I normally

recommend following up within a week or two after your initial appointment

to further release the muscles. If your body has improved, I would slowly

change the treatments to general maintenance. This normally would be from

every three weeks to eight weeks depending on your body.

Between massages

It’s important to continue looking after your body

between massages. As a therapist we can only help you as much as you help

yourself. Unfortunately, we aren’t miracle workers so listen to the

recommendation your therapist gives you. Try to work on your posture,

stretch more often, heat pack, use a trigger ball or massage ball, foam roller

and/or self-massage.

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