• Chris Purcell

If you are working from from home, watch this.

More people than ever are working from home. In a lot of circumstances, decisions to work from home were rushed, unplanned and unexpected. This does mean that ergonomics and a good workstation set up have not been considered with many of our clients working at home from laptops with small screens and small keyboards. They are also often not using a good chair and in some cases are working from the kitchen table. All of these factors have led to an increase in neck and middle back pain.

In an attempt to help you counter this, Chris has put together a couple of good habits that you should be trying to make part of your daily working from home routine. Because we still do not know exactly how long it will be before workplaces return to normal, now is the time to get start making these simple things a priority for you.

If you neck pain and back pain have gotten the better of you, then please reach out to us. We have physio and remedial massage options that can help.

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