• Jasmin Portelli

Pulling the Trigger on your muscle pain

Have you ever wondered what those knots in your muscles are?

In the world of physiotherapy and remedial massage, knots in your muscles are called “Trigger Points”. A trigger point develops when your muscle fibers begin to stick together, which in turn causes a local area of a taut band of muscle. This band often feels like a bump in the muscle. Trigger points are tender to touch and can cause referred pain. They are caused by many different factors such as; sedentary lifestyle, overuse, injury and poor posture. They can be a cause of many different issues, such as; back pain, headaches, limited range of motion and/or injuries.

Muscles with trigger points are normally weaker than usual and can affect your range of motion. Due to the muscles not being able to function properly, surrounding muscles can take over leading to further trigger points developing in these muscles. This can be the beginning of an endless cycle if left untreated.

To ease the pain from Trigger Points, Massage Therapists use a technique called Trigger Point Therapy as a form of Remedial Massage to help release and relax the muscle. We essential apply pressure on the affected area which will initially cause you pain, but as the muscle relaxes the pain should subside. During trigger point therapy you may feel the muscle twitching and/or referral pain. This technique is effective when combined with Deep Tissue massage due to the combination of targeting the inner layers of the muscles through broad and specific strokes. You should feel good relief following a session of trigger point therapy and your range of motion in affected joints should improve.

Trigger points can develop acutely as part of injury, however in most cases they are a chronic condition and as such will require regular follow up with a physiotherapy or remedial massage therapist to maintain your muscle function.

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