• Chris Purcell


There are many different causes of wrist pain in the lifting athlete so if your pain has been persisting for some time it is always best to have it assessed and managed by a physiotherapist however pain often develops as a result of what is known as “wrist impingement”. Here are some top tips from us here at Out of the Box Physio on managing pain caused from lifting.

1. Use Wrist Wraps

- Cloth ones are ok for lighter lifting days but you might need to invest in some heavier elastic ones for those heavy lifting days

2. Mobilise and Stretch Your Wrists Often (even on non-lifting days).

- A physio or your coach can show you how

3. Gently Massage your Forearm Muscles

- We roll out and massage our lower body, don't forget to give your wrists and forearms a bit of love as well.

4. Work on Your Grip Strength

- Try to pick static (or isometric) grip strength exercises rather than flexion / extension ones that may lead to further impaction in the wrist. Your coach will be able to assist with providing these or speak with us here at the clinic and we can give you a few ways to achieve. Carrying the Groceries will never be a problem again.

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