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Sitting in an office all day can make you feel stiff and sore. We see lots of office related pain here in the clinic. Based on this, we have put together a list of things you can do easily to help make sitting in the office day in, day out a little more comfortable.

  1. Place your computer monitor directly in front of you with the centre of the screen level with your nose. If you work primarily on a laptop, use a secondary monitor if possible. Looking down to a low monitor will increase stress on your neck

  2. The longer you sit in your office chair, the harder it is to hold good posture. Try to spend at least an hour or two on your feet each day doing tasks that you would otherwise do sitting down.

  3. Try to be more active. Walk around the office every half hour to reduce the risk of developing back, neck, and/or shoulder pain from sitting.

  4. Practice good posture. When sitting at your desk, place your feet flat on the floor and keep your back flush against the chair. Your head should be in a neutral position with your ears directly above your shoulders. Keep your arms at right angles from your shoulders at your desk.

  5. If you are on the phone a lot, try to use a headset. It will keep your hands free, stop you from bending your neck to the side or constantly lifting your shoulder up to support the phone while typing or writing.

  6. Keep your wrists in line with your forearms for a neutral position. This will help avoid conditions such as RSI in the forearm and pain in the elbow and wrist.

  7. Stretch! We spend most of our day with our arms forward doing something. This results in tight chest muscles. Perform chest opener stretches, such as pinching your shoulder blades together, to stretch and open up your chest.

  8. To avoid injuries such as ‘tennis elbow’, move your mouse with shoulder movement, not wrist movement.

  9. Use a document holder to hold your documents and paperwork. Place the document holder in line with the computer screen, to avoid reaching and over stretching.

  10. Try to take the stairs whenever possible. Office workers are typically only getting 3000-4000 steps per day which is well under the recommended amount of activity so try to get as many steps in as you can. Taking the stairs rather than the lift (if practical) is a great way to get your step count up.

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