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Our 3 Step Approach to Injury Management 

We Believe that these three steps are vital in the management of your injury 

1. Diagnosis

The first step in recovery is to identify the cause of your pain. This is what we call your diagnosis. It is important to ascertain a diagnosis as accurately as possible as without a diagnosis, effective treatment cannot be provided. In obtaining a diagnosis, your physiotherapist will use a combination of questioning and clinical testing. Sometimes it may be necessary to refer you for medical imaging or other special tests to confirm your diagnosis.

2. Treatment

Once we have obtained your diagnosis, we can develop a treatment plan that will reduce your pain and improve your function. We only use effective, evidence-based treatment modalities such as manual therapy, soft tissue therapy, therapeutic exercise, taping and dry needling.

3. Prevention

Once pain free, we will provide you with an action plan on what needs to be done to prevent your injury from recurring. We live by the adage "Fitter, Better, Stronger" and we can help you to execute this last vital stage in the management of your injury. This step is often self-directed, however we do offer a range of exercise classes that help prevent injury. Our therapists are experts in exercise prescription and will guide you through and appropriate exercise program.

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