Out of the Box Physiotherapy was born following the acquisition of Advantage Healthcare and Physiotherapy’s Birkdale practice in 2015.


Out of the Box Physiotherapy provides a fresh approach to physiotherapy and healthcare that focuses on providing effective measurable treatment, honest and evidence-based  advice and appropriate exercise prescription.

Our treatment approach is hands-on, exercise-based care because this is what the evidence within our profession tells us works.  This is also backed by the fact that we have helped 1000’s of people get back to living the life that they love.

We focus as much on the education and empowerment of our patients as we do simply treating them. This might make us a little different to other physiotherapy clinics but we know this is what is needed to help our clients get the long term results that they deserve.   Knowledge is power when managing injuries and we are happy to pass on our knowledge to our clients so that they can remain active in a safe way and build stronger, healthier bodies.  

Chris Purcell


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